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    Buyer Group ProgramHome > For Visitors > Buyer Group Program

    For the purpose of attracting more qualified buyers from various fields to attend GITF, the Buyer Group Program launches and dedicates to provide as much value-added services for Buyer Group Agents as possible. GITF Buyer Group Agents shall commit to recruiting no less than 10 qualified buyers for GITF and we welcome agents from different fields of tourism industry (such as associations, chambers, media and hotel groups) around the world.



    Other proposals will be tailor-made for different agents, please do contact our buyer team for more details.




    ?Ms. Helen he ?  
    ?T: +86-20-86266696 ext. 8010? ?  
    ?F: +86-20-86266690? ?  
    ?E: helen.he@hmf-china.com?