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    GITF2021 is Postponed to December 4-6, 2021


    Distinguished exhibitors, guests, buyers and visitors


    Guangzhou International Travel Fair 2021 (GITF2021 in short) and related concurrent activities will be held from December 4 to 6, 2021 together with Guangzhou Cultural Industry Fair 2021. The venue will be changed to Area A of Canton Fair Complex with an estimated exhibition area of 53,000 square meters.


    GITF2021 will focus on the fields of science and technology empowerment, intangible cultural heritage inheritance, museum and cultural creation, B&B lifestyle, red tourism, sports tourism, film and television culture and tourism, etc., to display the new trend of cultural and tourism industry.


    With the theme of "New Forms of Business, New Consumption, New Cultural Tourism" and "Digital Technology Enabling Cultural and Tourism Integration in the Greater Bay Area", GITF2021 will actively promote the development of digital cultural industry, cultural tourism integration and the construction of Greater Bay Area, focusing on building a cultural industry trading service platform with international influence.


    Thank you again for your continuous attention and support. GITF will continue to give full play to its role as a platform for exchanges and cooperation in the industry, and bring you higher quality exhibitions and more wonderful forum activities. Let's meet in Guangzhou in December together!


    Best regards

    GITF Organizing Committee

    September 18, 2021



    Hannover Milano Fairs Shanghai Ltd.

    Guangzhou Branch

    Tel: 020-8626 6696