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    New Technology, New Cultural Tourism? , and New Integration Guangzhou International Travel Fair 2021 will kick off in August


    The Guangzhou International Travel Fair 2021 (GITF 2021) will be grandly hold in Area C, China Import and Export Fair Complex Guangzhou on 5-7 August. The three-day event will attract exhibitors from 55 countries and regions around the world.


    The year 2021 marks the start of the “14th Five-Year Plan”. In line with the State’s 14th Five-Year Plan for Cultural Industry Development, GITF, the large-scale international tourism exhibition with the longest history in China, has relied on its strong resource absorptive capacity to constantly explore new opportunities and create a new game in face of the challenges, embracing a new round of transformation.


    Focusing on the theme of “New Track for Cultural Tourism Powered by Technology”, this year’s event will encompass a number of halls featuring outbound tourism & MICE, tourism culture & lifestyle, local travel agency, theme tourism & scenic spot, inbound tourism & travel destination, respectively. Besides, GITF 2021 will present an array of characteristic exhibition zones to showcase red cultural tourism, film and television cultural tourism, museum and creation, intangible cultural heritage, digital red cultural tourism, B&B life experience, and sports tourism carnival, reflecting the new development trend of culture and tourism integration under the new pattern of “Dual Circulation” development.


    During the fair, a rich variety of concurrent activities will be held, including high-level forums focusing on topics such as “Technology +”, “Cultural Relics Coming to Life”, and “Integration of Culture and Tourism”, to which industry experts and elites will be invited to share their industry-leading insights. Besides, the events will combine 4K HD, 5G network, VR virtual reality, AR interaction, AI technologies and other aspects to carry out interactive content innovation. Based on the development achievements of Guangzhou cultural tourism, GITF 2021 will reflect the new trend in the integration of cultural tourism industries at home and abroad.


    During the “14th Five-Year Plan” Period, China's culture and tourism development is facing major opportunities as well as numerous challenges. The 14th Five-Year Plan for the Development of Cultural and Tourism emphasizes that efforts should be made to develop new momentum by innovative development, inject new vitality by in-depth reform, and thus open up a new situation for cultural and tourism development. In the context of the national “Belt and Road” Initiative and the “Double-Zone Construction” Policy, GITF has always played an active role in integrating the global destination resources, striving to build a one-stop exhibition platform. To date, it has become a “premiere platform” for foreign countries to make a name in the Chinese tourism market.


    Focusing on the development requirements of the “14th Five-Year Plan”, GITF 2021 will continue to promote the integrated development between Cultural and Tourism in a wider scope and at deeper and higher levels. To further integrate culture and tourism with other fields, GITF will continue to integrate global destination resources and incorporate “Technology+” elements, thus creating a “new track” for cultural and tourism development powered by digital technology, and serving as a more professional and efficient international tourism exhibition and exchange trade platform for tourism professionals at home and abroad.


    Your contact for further information:

    Karry Wang / Molly Zhu / Joyce Wang

    Hannover Milano Fairs China Ltd. - Shanghai

    Rm. 301, B&Q Pudong Office Tower

    393 Yinxiao Road, Pudong

    Shanghai 201204

    Tel: +86 (0)21 - 2055-7000

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    E-mail: pr@hmf-china.com